Creating Wealth – Real Estate Investments in Panama

Anywhere you look there are a number of books about getting rich. Finding information is easy, finding experts is a different thing. Given the opportunity to speak with someone who has made their fortune in real estate, you will likely get two pieces of advice; you have to carefully plan and you have to invest wisely. The good news in today’s business world is that both of these steps can be accomplished in one place; real estate investments in Panama are excellent ways to create wealth while enjoying the tropical benefits of owning Latin American property.

Wealth and Income through Panama Real Estate

It is important to make a differentiation; wealth and income are not the same things. Income is best defined as the money that you make. If you have a job, your income would be your salary. If you earn $50,000 a year, this is your income. Wealth is a derivative of income; it is best explained as the amount of money you keep. For example if you earned $50,000 in income and you were able to save $5,000, your net wealth increased by $5,000.

Why is this important? The vast majority of Americans are said to be one paycheck away from bankruptcy, including many of the highest earning people in the country. Because of the lack of planning and sound investing, many people are not accumulating wealth. By changing the dynamics, it is possible to create wealth with real estate investments in Panama.

Panama Investments

The simple questions are usually the best. Why Panama? Simply put, the real estate investment options in Panama are excellent and the government here as done everything they can to encourage business development. There are business vehicles in place in Panama that can give you wealth creating opportunities that are not available in the US, Canada or Europe. In addition, the prices of real estate in Panama is much more affordable its counterpart in these other countries. These features combine to make investing in Panama real estate a very good business opportunity.

Careful Planning to Buy Latin American Property

Before investing in Panama real estate, it is good to know that the government has created several business opportunities that can work in your favor. Panama Foundations and Panama Corporations form a powerful way to invest and reduce your tax burden at the same time. Both of these institutions are anonymous. Panama Foundations can accept donations since they are not for profit. The foundations can’t do business but they can, however, own companies to do. By having a Panama Foundation, an investor can shelter his or her wealth free of taxes, which for people in the US can be a saving of twenty five to forty percent.

Having a Panama Corporation allows you to conduct business, such as buying real estate investments in Panama. Since your corporation is anonymous, there are no capital gains taxes on any of your properties. Additionally, if you own this property through your corporation and decide to sell it, you can simply sell the corporation to the buy and start a new, eliminating payment of the transfer taxes you would incur in Panama.

Wise investing in real estate

Panama is a great place for wise investing. There are affordable real estate investments throughout the country and has a number of attractive features; no hurricanes, variety of climates, wide selection of property types and even tax exemptions for new construction. Foreign investors are guaranteed by the constitution the right to buy and own property and whether you want to invest at a beach like Coronado, in the mountains or in a metropolitan city there is property available at excellent prices.

Profiting from Panama investments

Careful planning and wise investing; these are keys to gaining wealth and the door to success in real estate investment is ready for you to open in Panama. With great prices, a wide selection and great business opportunities, Panama property can be your way to truly accumulate wealth.